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Parking In Mumbai's An Ordeal...Walking Out Of Question!

Mumbai risks asphyxiation by a traffic imbroglio that only worsens with niggling parking issues. When you feel you’ve seen the worst, you’re in for more. Those dropping in to Jaslok Hospital in their own private vehicles for the first time would be well aware of the ordeal in reaching the venue through traffic that moves just barely during morning and evening hours.

While Peddar Road’s flyover remains to see the light of the day, residents and regulars are reeling under the pressure of an urban mess. Making things worse is the next-door ML Dahanukar Road where parking is prohibited within 15 metres on both sides of a sign propped on the left-hand side of the road, as you enter it from the Jaslok side. At the right lies a MAFCO stall which has flowerpots placed in front of it to prevent vehicles from parking and whose ‘operator’ is allegedly known to “tip off” the towing guys to pick up vehicles parked in front of it once the agitating vehicle owner leaves.

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