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DraftCraft Win: Public Interest Upheld

Gateway Stretch To Be City's
First 'Only Pedestrian' Zone

By Gajanan Khergamker

Now, after six years of twiddling their thumbs following the terror attack in 2008, the authorities have decided to make the Gateway of India stretch right from Regal Circle to Radio Club - the city's first 'Only Pedestrian' zone. This comes as a huge relief to the millions of tourists who have been dodging parked vehicles, traffic, flowerpots, barricades and you-name-it all in the guise of 'security'.

Under the Right To Walk campaign initiated by DraftCraft, we've been agitating through media, generating digital content, even creating documentaries to urge the authorities to address the issue that affects the public adversely.

The decision to make the Gateway Stretch - the city's first 'Only Pedestrian' zone is a victory for common man who has successfully reclaimed his Right To Walk in Mumbai's most prized locality. 

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