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Big B donates towards Police Welfare Fund

In January 2013, Amitabh Bachchan attended a special function organised by Thane police for creating road safety awareness and improving traffic woes. The actor presented awards to the winners of 'Road Safety Competition' and even contributed Rs. 11 lakh to Maharashtra Police Welfare Fund.

Speaking about this Bachchan wrote on his blog, "Traffic for me has been an important issue. It has been a subject that has annoyed me and one that has always provoked me to do something about it. When I drive around in the JVPD Scheme and find cars violating traffic signals and common sense driving, it has infuriated me. The extent to which I have gone is to record by camera or mobile, those motorists that break traffic signals, their driving wrongs and basic violation of rules of traffic on the road. In the meantime I have volunteered to be involved personally in making a campaign traffic awareness film where I would act in it free of cost and even have volunteered to produce it, without charge ... just so, if my face and voice has any value then the people can be motivated to listen and hopefully obey rules and regulations, so desperately needed."

Bachchan further added, "Young children from schools had been taken in by this campaign and they were there in all military order, doing a march past ... and yours truly taking their salute. It was most encouraging to see the young wanting eagerly to be a part of this campaign, getting indoctrinated with the working of the police and their work and their duty. Seeing the enthusiasm of the young I have made another generous financial contribution towards their welfare fund, for this region, which comes under a different jurisdiction."


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Be Aware, Be Safe, At Every Moment: A Road Safety Campaign

According to the report prepared by the National Crime Records Bureau, Chennai has recorded the highest number of road accidents. The number is a staggering 9,845 cases in the year 2011, which is almost double compared to the previous year. Children are vulnerable groups to road accidents. Along with their age growth, they will inevitably be exposed to roads out of their homes.

The ‘Be Aware, Be Safe’ Road Safety Campaign was designed to address these issues at formative ages, specifically with school children, with impressionable minds. Educational measures have been advocated as a means of teaching children how to cope in a road environment with emphasis on following traffic rules. These key development areas formed the foundation for the need for sensitization and to create greater awareness for road safety measures.

The pilot of the campaign has been successful, where the Corporate Social Responsibility team at SBSC Chennai headed out to schools in the city to spread awareness on the behaviors that children have to be conscious of. The program was delivered by means of a resource kit which includes:

  • A road safety matrix
  • A staff-made video
  • Fire extinguishers and first-aid kits for schools.
  • Info-bookmarks
  • Art materials (for art competition)
  • Spot-quiz contest to gauge retention
  • This easy-to-use resource kit, designed for students, is aimed at the development of positive behavior and attitudes in young people – whether they are pedestrians, cyclists or passengers.

The program was delivered to children from various age-groups through an interactive session and an art competition. Post which, a video is shown with the do’s and don’ts of four major road safety aspects (Walking, Riding, Cycling, Crossing). The participant schools were in Chennai were:

  • Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar
  • PSBB Millennium, OMR
  • Sunshine Montessori, Adambakkam
  • Chettinad Vidyashram, R.A Puram
  • Make a Difference (NGO), Injambakkam

It was heartening to see the response and a positive attitude towards road safety rules through commitment statements by the children such as:

  • I will not stop vehicles myself and run across the road (7th Grade)
  • I will not drive until I get a legal license (8th Grade)
  • I promise not to disturb my father while driving (8th Grade)
  • I will intervene when I see my parents not following rules of safety on the road (8th Grade)
  • I will always wear seatbelts (9th Grade)
  • The team also made their way to a local NGO where the team interacted with the children from underprivileged backgrounds and spoke up for safety.

After this success, it has been planned to roll it out across a wider range of city schools and charitable institutions. This has also sparked a pan-India Road Safety campaign, where a module-approach has been undertaken (pilot in progress with two schools across 4 cities).

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