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What is DraftCraft?
DraftCraft is an India-based media-legal think-tank that endeavours to research, document, film and advocate on behalf of the most ignored, under-reported, marginalised sections of society. DraftCraft has been initiated by Gajanan Khergamker - independent editor, legal counsel and documentary film-maker - with over three decades of experience.

What are the aims of DraftCraft?
DraftCraft fetches legal aid to the deprived through positive activism and legal intervention. Besides providing a platform for the affected through a series of campaigns aimed to agitate and advocate for the underdog. It generates content through media for newspapers and online portals as well as produces socially-relevant docufilms through DraftCraft Films (Productions) that films fact and disseminates it via media. DraftCraft Audits examines CSR, Realty, Infra, Food and Beverage, Health and Travel and Tourism projects and spread the reach of social responsibility by urging corporates and private individuals to adopt social causes from among the range being examined, researched, written about and filmed by the DraftCraft group.

Is DraftCraft an NGO?
No. DraftCraft is not an NGO, charitable organisation, society or trust. It, however, is an India-based think-tank personally initiated by Gajanan Khergamker to address socially relevant issues such as housing, sanitation, security, welfare and others. It also urges socially-inclined individuals and entities to tap into resources and contribute towards reaching aid - legal, medical, infrastructural, educational and social - to the underprivileged needy. It popularises CSR activities undertaken by corporates and urges others to pool in their resources in a range of projects that directly affect the marginalised.

How does one participate in a DraftCraft campaign and what does it involve?
Those interested in volunteering with DraftCraft could mail in their contact details to and / or call on 022-22841593 and discuss the potential of joining in the campaigns.
As a volunteer, you could participate in regular workshops and talks on campaigns where target groups are briefed about their legal position and discuss myriad facets pertinent to the campaign issue in question at public fora during DraftCraft campaigns; work with teams to generate media by way of articles, documentaries, full-length films and shoot photographs for regular exhibitions and shows for the authorities and the media; initiate projects of your own through DraftCraft and ensure that deprived groups are fetched justice through strategic media-legal intervention.

What are DraftCraft's range of activities? How does it help in achieving social justice?
DraftCraft, pledged to help achieve social justice in every which way possible, generates articles, editorials, photographs and films on subjects that affect lives of masses, even small, unrepresented groups drastically. Like, it advocates and agitates for 1,200 indigenous residents of three villages on Elephanta Island starkly deprived of water, power, education and health despite being barely 40 minutes away from India's financial capital. At the same time, DraftCraft strongly fights arbitrary police action such as unauthorised DNA Profiling that thwarts public liberty and is a flagrant violation of a statutory right to life. Concurrently, DraftCraft also generates media-legal content to challenge legal validity of processes such as the creation of the Aadhar Card without parliamentary sanction, the arbitrary use of barricades to prevent right of way for the common man and several other issues.

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