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The Indian Constitution guarantees one the right to life and enjoy it with dignity too. Right to Life is closely associated with the Right to Movement and a corresponding Right to Play. 
One cannot be deprived of these legal rights except by due process of law. 
Whether a swimming pool on South Mumbai's Backgarden has legal sanction or not isn't the important thing. What matters is that there should be proper public consultation in the regard. And, the interests of weaker segments should be safeguarded
'Save Backgarden' - A documentary produced by DraftCraft Productions - has been created only to put all the political parties' perspectives in one place making it easier for anyone to understand the issue. Even a social media campaign through Facebook to Save Backgarden has been launched. The Right to Play is one that's taken for granted. While the affluent have play spaces of their choice like clubs and gymkhanas, the poor are left with little option but to use public space into their own play space. DraftCraft works to identify these zones - local grounds, even footpaths and salt-pans where they play to grow. And, aims to protect the right.

To Join In 
You could pitch in with ideas, time, energy and whatever means available to further a cause.
To be associated with the cause, you could:

1) Participate in regular workshops and talks on campaigns where target groups are briefed about their legal position and discuss myriad facets pertinent to the campaign issue in question at public fora during DraftCraft campaigns.
2) Work with teams to generate media by way of articles, documentaries, longer films and shoot photographs for regular exhibitions and shows for the authorities and the media.
3) Initiate projects of your own through DraftCraft and ensure that deprived groups are fetched justice through strategic media-legal intervention.

Those interested could mail across a brief note complete with suggestions and contact details to and / or call on 022-22841593 and discuss the potential of joining in the campaigns.

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